• Safety for your loved ones. Freedom for you.
  • Safety for your loved ones. Freedom for you.
  • Safety for your loved ones. Freedom for you.
  • Safety for your loved ones. Freedom for you.
  • Safety for your loved ones. Freedom for you.

Do you have a family member who is at risk of wandering?
Keep them safe with the industry’s most reliable, wearable location device.

LOK8U Freedom™ monitors the location of your loved ones, finding their whereabouts at home, and about, day and night.

  • LOK8U FREEDOM is the most reliable locator device on the market today
  • FREEDOM provides maximum safety for your loved one
  • Over 30,000 alerts per year have prevented wandering
  • Portable receiver is easy to set up and use – at home or on the go
  • Receiver emits loud, beeping alarm the minute your loved one strays
  • Industry leader with 10 years experience in wandering prevention
  • FREEDOM is the only device that prevents a wandering event

Keep family members safe

Dementia is on the rise as the world’s population ages. 60% of patients with dementia will wander in their lifetime. Wandering is the single most stressful event that leads families to commit loved ones to institutional care. FREEDOM is designed with you and your loved one in mind, providing two levels of protection. It is a locator device for you, and has an alert button for your loved one to signal you that they are lost or in danger, giving you and your loved one peace-of-mind.

Prevent an accident before it happens

Children with disabilities like Down syndrome or autism, or injuries due to a stroke or traumatic brain injury, require extra care to keep them safe at home. FREEDOM is a discreet device that gives parents an additional level of security whether their child is at home or at school. FREEDOM eliminates the need for locked doors and constant scrutiny by alerting you, and locating them, if they leave the designated safe area.

The industry’s best protection

  • Customize the range – from 30 to 300 feet – right on the device
  • Only FREEDOM has a portable receiver so you can take the safe zone with you
  • Visual and loud beeping audible alarm
  • Provides instant location of wearer
  • Communicates wearer’s location by email and text message
  • Responds to “where are you” and “live track” requests
  • Secure customer portal from any computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • Display wearer’s location on Google maps with street address and zip code

Safety, reliability, peace of mind

  • Looks and fits like a wrist watch
  • SureLok™ system keeps it on
  • Alert button instantly notifies caregiver
  • Unlimited text and email alerts
  • Longest battery life on the market
  • Available in blue, purple, or black
  • LCD display
  • Water resistant