Frequently Asked Questions

To register your device you need to go to and click on the Create Account option at the bottom.

For further help on registering, watching these videos will help

Creating an account –
Adding your new device –
Now you have an account created, watching this video describes all the items in the box. Note – packaging may differ.

Freedom uses the cellular network to communicate its settings to our servers. If no cellular is available then this message is telling you the device is attempting to connect. It may help to move the watch outside if you are in a low signal area.
As the above explanation, this is due to low of not available Cellular coverage.
A full suite of spares are available by calling us direct on 1-888-423-1887
If you have damaged the watch or PR then we advise to send us the device and we can then asses it and contact you in regards to the cost of the repair.
if when the alert happens it is not possible get a GPS position due to it being indoors then we are unable to locate a position. As this is an anti wandering device, as soon as the person moves outside we are likely to be able to achieve a position.
If you are traveling with the wearer then we advise to take to the portable receiver with you. When connected to the PR 30 day battery life can be achieved. Additional PR can you be used also. So by leaving one at school the optimized battery life can be utilized.
While the watch is connected to the Portable Receiver then 30 day battery life is achievable. Once it is out of range then upto 24 hours is achievable. Please remember that when it is out of range then this is an emergency mode. It is recommended to recharger after every emergency.
Freedom comes with a 12 month manufacture defect warranty.
The Portal shows the last location of the watch. This could be days ago, if it is still showing RF mode on the portal then the watch is within proximity of the Portable receiver. If you still wish to locate it then press FIND on the PR.
If you look at the clasp you will see that if you leave it in the lock position then the strap can be used as a standard watch strap and is removable.


Video Resources

How to use the panic button –

How to change your Password for your online account –

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Out of Range Alert followed by Live Track –

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