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Freedom4Kids available in Purple, Black and Blue

$249.99 and $29.95 per month

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Freedom for kids is designed for kids 5 to 13. It replaces the  Num8+ watch and has a host of advantages. Freedom for Kids  has a locking strap that is simpler and easier to get on and off with the SureLok(tm) system. Freedom for Kids works for both Parental peace of mind by letting you give your children a chance to play out of sight and peer interact to develop healthy relationship skills and protect “at risk” children with disorders such as Autism, mental and chronic illness, ADHD, etc. by  a two part method. The parent has a mobile base unit which acts as a mobile safe area, the size of this area can be set by the parent. While inside this “Safe Zone” all is well and the child’s watch is just that, a watch, nothing more, while in this mode battery life is 30 days making for far fewer re-charges and less time without the safety of the watch. Should the child abscond from the safe area created by the mobile base station, you are instantly alerted visually and by a loud alarm sound,  the watch will then “wake up” and becomes a location device, due to the rapid nature of the alert given, it will not usually be necessary to use the locating ability as the child will still be in visual sight, but you can choose to have a 24/7 call centre contact you via your phone to check all is well and if necessary assist you in locating your child right up to the point you are happy and reunited with your loved one. You can also choose the privacy pack and be alerted by e-mail and SMS text message  with smart phone links to Google maps. Freedom for Kids has a panic button discretely mounted on the side with accidental trip prevention should your child require assistance.